Reporting Forms

First Tier

Citi's First Tier Spend from diverse suppliers (also referred to as Tier 1) is collected electronically through payments made via Citi's National Accounts Payables systems. If you are a Diverse Supplier currently doing business directly with Citi, please contact the Citi Supplier Diversity unit to ensure that your company has been correctly identified in our system as diverse.

Second Tier

The Second Tier diverse spend (also referred to as Tier 2) initiative was developed to expand the opportunities for diverse suppliers. First Tier Prime Suppliers use diverse suppliers to subcontract a portion of Citi projects on a direct or indirect basis as part of the Subcontracting Program.

To streamline the process of collecting and processing Citi Diverse Spend, all forms of Tier 2 diverse spend can be submitted on one form. Complete the Diversity Profile: Tier 2 Input Form and send to your Citi representative.

This report is due from all Citi business representatives 15 days after the end of every quarter.

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